5 Explosive Online Recording Studio With Autotune Feature

5 Explosive Online Recording Studio With Autotune Feature!

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If you are into an online recording studio with autotune then today is your day because I’m gonna share 5 great online recording studios with autotune that can make your music career a lot more easier.

Grab a piece of paper to take notes and let’s get this rolling!

5 Explosive Online Recording Studio With Autotune Feature!

5 Explosive Online Recording Studio With Autotune Feature


First, in our list of some awesome online recording studio with autotune is Soundtrap was created by an eclectic team of engineers, designers and music producers passionate about music & technology.

They believe that there’s a better way to create music together.

Soundtrap is one of the best collaboration platforms for making music online.

According to their website, Soundtrap Studio was launched in beta in 2013 as the world’s first web-based, cross-platform, collaborative music recording studio.

Sountdtrap is known as an online music studio for everyone where you can collaborate anywherewith any time with anyone while you record your creations directly with any device.5 Explosive Online Recording Studio With Autotune Feature!

With an extensive collection of loops, connect an instrument You won’t be able to say “NO” to this online studio.

This is Soundtrap Music Making

With Soundtrap is easy to record your creations using your device microphone while you explore the extensive collection of beats, loops and instruments or why not, use your own instrument?!


If you’re using a Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, an Android phone and tablet, Linux or even a ChromeBook they all work with Soundtrap since it’s online all your projects are stored online so you can access them wherever you are.

As people say, the cloud is the limit.

With all these features it makes easy the process of music making with other people in real time or share with friends due to the community where you can share creative moments in real time.

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Soundtrap excellent Power Features


This is one of the most popular and used features of Soundtrap and no wonder it’s listed among the different online recording studio with autotune.

Soundtrap offers the ability to pitch and modify your voice recordings.

Powered by Antares


Now it’s easy to create professional sounds, Tweak volume, pan, and the sweep effect in order to create great music!

4000+ Loops & Presets

with over 4k loop and presents collection making music seems more than fun.

Note that they also have their known Patterns™ BeatMaker so you can use it and make your own beats!

Forget about complicated music production tools – let your talent and creativity shine.


Make your own song with the UJAM studio!

Next in our online recording studio with autotune list is the UJAM Studio!

This online recording studio with autotune is your personal, easy to use, cloud-based studio that lets you make your own music even if you lack the technical knowledge.

So, how do you start about with it?

5 Explosive Online Recording Studio With Autotune Feature!

The process is pretty easy, You sing, upload and create!

  • Singing: Sing into your computer’s microphone. The UJAM Studio will analyze your recording and create a matching playback.
  • Uploading: Upload a vocal track from your computer. Again, UJAM will create the backing track.
  • Rejamming: Select and edit one of our song templates. No need to sing, and you’ll still get great results.

If you didn’t know, UJAM uses real instruments recorded by professional producers, so the result will always sound great.

UJAM supports most of the music styles (Rock, Hip-Hop or Jazz) is just one click away. You can even combine instruments from different genres and create your own custom style.

If you are a musician, the UJAM Studio is the perfect tool to try out your ideas. You are able to edit chord progressions, song structure, the main melody, backing instruments and a lot more.

Another awesome feature is the ability of you to Surprise your friends and family with a personal message (musical greeting by email, Facebook or Twitter) via the music you can create on any occasion!

Remix songs!

UJAM is pretty simple to use but a great thing is that they’ve made it fun to work with.

How? By remixing, songs created by talented UJAM artists will help you get familiar with UJAM.

So how does it work?

Rejamming lets you start with a complete song and then change things around: Select a different style, change the song tempo and turn that ballad into a piece of Heavy Metal.

Then in the process, you can: Edit the arrangement of the song and apply different harmonies (You can even add your won voals If you love to singing).

5 Explosive Online Recording Studio With Autotune Feature


Soundation is a 100% free online recording studio with autotune excellent for those seeking to make music online.

Soundation makes it easy for you to produce, remix and record songs in an online studio and share music together with millions of Soundation users if you want to.

5 Explosive Online Recording Studio With Autotune Feature!
With an extensive sound library choosing sounds and loops becomes a breeze and the interface is perfect for beginners and professionals.

It offers great visual instruments so by that way you can choose amongst integrated digital instruments such as piano, drums and violin with synthesizers, filters and equalizers that helps you create unique and professional music.

Let’s not forget the awesome community that allows you to connect with other users musicians looking for a place to share ideas and inspiration.


If you’ve been looking for a way to give your songs a professional edge check Tunedly out with their Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar winners from around the world.

With Tunedly, you have the unique benefit of real-time collaboration with multiple session musicians, all at once. Keep 100% of the rights to your music.

Tunedly team can help you:



Studio Automatic is a full-service online recording studio.

So here is how it works: You send us your song idea in any form: garage band recording, iPhone recording or voice memo, whatever. Within 5-7 business days, you will receive a professionally recorded demo of your song!

They can deliver anything from a simple high-quality acoustic version all the way to a fully produced, mixed and mastered recording of your song, with as many piece band as you want.

5 Explosive Online Recording Studio With Autotune Feature!

They offer different vocal recording options as well by providing a professional vocalist or you can record your own vocals.

Even in your home studio! They also offer the option of having a working producer jump in to help, if you want it. (This is for those living within USA). You can check specifically on their website.

The Studio Automatic website makes it super easy to upload your song and communicate with their team.

Here is how it works:

For more details check their website here.


This online recording studio with autotune list could be endless but picking a few and working with the best is what matters. Try them out and be determined to work on making your music, in the long run, you will see great results.

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