21 Music Production Blogs Every Music Maker Should Follow


These Music Production Blogs are a great way to learn how to improve in the area of music!

By now you know that the world of audio production and music technology moves quickly, and keeping up with the latest techniques, equipment, and software can be a challenge!

One thing that I like is the fact that there are plenty of resources online to help engineers and producers keep themselves updated about the newest audio tech and how it’s used.

Today I want us to look into a few of the best guides that you can find on blogs that will help you grow as a musician and even just a music lover!

21 Music Production Blogs Every Music Maker Should Follow

21 Music Production Blogs Every Music Maker Should Follow

Here are 21 Music Production Blogs Every Music Maker Should Follow:

Audio Tuts

This blog is amazing, you can learn how to record and post-produce everything music and audio with thousands of free expert tutorials.

If you’re just starting, this need to be your first stop in learning the basics.

Of course, not everything is free, but they offer much information for free!

Create Digital Music

This blog is helpful if you’re looking into creating digital music, motion, mode, and more.


The other side of the tracks.

Beat Mecca

This blog is helpful for getting music production news, videos, and samples.

How To Make Electronic Music For Beginners

Stay On Beat

This is one of the the Best Music Source For Producers, Artists and Film Makers.

Music Radar

More like getting the latest news and reviews for all music makers.

Music Think Tank

This is a  blog of key thinkers in the realm of the online music business.

Beat Making Videos

Let’s talk about resources! Beat making videos is one of the largest source of music making videos – interviews, studio sessions, music production, mixing, music industry, software, hardware, education.

Ask Audio Mag

Ask Audio Mag is the ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials, and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers.5 Explosive Online Recording Studio With Autotune Feature

Sounds and Gear

Next, on this blog, you will find music production news, reviews, tutorials, and demos, on music gear, VST plugins, apps, hardware synthesizers, instrument libraries, and sample kits. You name it!

How to Make Electronic Music

If you’re a lover of Electronic music, this blog is all about how to make electronic music and beats.

Track Hustle

In general, this blog is a network of music producers, recording artists, music executives, record labels, and music fans.


This blog is particularly useful for anyone trying to set up their own home recording studio. But it is geared more towards engineers than producers because it goes into meticulous depth on equipment and sound dynamics.


This blog is much like Music and Audio Tuts, plus it offers many different types of freemium model.

How To Make Money From Music Production
How To Make Money From Music Production


This blog is an amazing resource for those that love details in music.

Owsinski who happens to be the owner has an uncanny ability to go into insane depth on very specific topics.

No matter how much you think you know about some aspect of music technology, I’m sure you’re sure to pick up something new from his posts.


You will find lots of great quality content on here on this blog that will help you grow your music skills!


Sam Malta’s personal blog is a great resource for producers.

Most of the posts you’ll find there range from in-depth technical guides to more general overviews of the music industry and how to forge a career as a producer.


This blog is more of a showcase for Bootsy’s plug-ins than a blog but the quality of his work and the fact that he makes it all available for free is pretty awesome!

How To Make Money From Music Production
How To Make Money From Music Production


This Blog is well structured. The posts are divided into different categories such as music theory, equipment and software.

This makes it very easy to structure learning!

Visit Blog – wwwtweakheadz.com


If you’re looking for a blog that has plenty of pos, s on individual plug-ins and pieces of freeware check out this blog.

There are also different types of interviews with some of the world’s most renowned producers and engineers.


Ian Shepard is a master of making even the most complex concepts easy for beginners and intermediates musicians.

Besides him being one of the most highly regarded producers in the business.

21 Music Production Blogs Every Music Maker Should Follow
21 Music Production Blogs Every Music Maker Should Follow

It’s a wrap guys,

What’s your favorite Music Production Blogs?!
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