10 Best Casual Shirts For Men That Look Great!

10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look

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Hello guys, today i want to share with you 10 mens trendy clothing for your next look! Are you ready? Let’s do this!

10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look

10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look

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Are you a guy who wants to look classic this season? Are you wondering if you have the right cloth in your closet to be stylish this season?

The good part about these trendy clothes for men is that most of their elements are timeless. Let’s do this:

Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers pervaded the women’s fashion zeitgeist in 2018, and they’re focusing for the men’s fashion zeitgeist in 2019. According to Pinterest, searches for cropped trousers are up 700 percent—that”s it is time for guys to show a little skin (ankles, guys, ankles). It’s the great opportunity to show off a pair of socks worn by men—or that limited-edited pair of sneakers your man stayed up until 5 a.m.

Plaid Pants

In 2019 plaid pants were the favorite way to add a little statement-making edge to any closet. According to Pinterest, searches for “plaid pants” are up 300 percent—come to think of it this trend would have little clout, guess again. The good part? Plaid pants can skew as edgy—or subtle—as you want them to, so your men will have a wide range of options to choose.


Corduroy is the pinch hitter any winter closet needs. And yes, it’s trending. According to Pinterest, searches for “corduroy” are up 600 percent. That’s a ton, so you should not be surprised that tons of your go-to retailers (Lucky Brand, Urban Outfitters, etc.) have stocked up on corduroy clothes this season.

10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look
10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look


Turtleneck Suits

There are ways to keep your tailored look appearing on-trend each season. 2019, it’s all about what you pair your suit with. So, when it’s winter, swap your normal shirt or cloths for a turtleneck sweater. By adding a turtleneck with a classic suit, you’ll be able to create an incredibly stylish and classic look. Try it for the office, dinners and other semi-formal events.

10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look
10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look

 Soft Textures

One thing that all men can look ahead to this year is a rise in comfort dressing. As well as loose garment shapes, soft textures is also important in men’s fashion for 2019. From soft fur, fleece, and shearling to velvet, suede, and even corduroy, tactile fabrics are set to be huge. Ideal for the autumn and winter months, this trend looks best when partnered with warm tones of blue as well as neutral white and black hues.

 Athletic Accents

There’s no denying that athleisure has been important in menswear for some time now and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future to come. What makes this trend feel great for this year, however, is the way that men are blending it with classic pieces.

Using sportswear items and details to lend athletic accents to sophisticated appearance, these classic men have achieved a chic yet laid-back look that’s perfect for a range of events and programs.

 Cross Body Bags

Designers have officially clued on to the practicality of handbags for men, and the result is a new selection of classic and masculine “man bags” for men. In particular, cross body bags promise to be the best during upcoming seasons.

Easily thrown on over your cloth, a crossbody bag provides hands-free practicality without adding soo much things in your pockets.

Just choose a good leather design for a classic look or opt for a nylon style for a more sporty and awesome look. If you need something big to hold all your belongings, you can also consider investing in a roomy and on-trend tote bag.

10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look
10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look

Military Men

It might not be anything new, but military wear is back for another round in the world of men’s fashion, and it’s very simple to see why. The trend, which comes with practical pieces and utilitarian designs, blends both function and style into one.

To wear it in 2019, stick to pieces in shades of beige, brown, army green and khaki. When it about designs, look for army-style garments with simple fastenings and large pockets. Then, complete your classic look with a shearling-lined aviator jacket.

 Oversized Silhouettes

Previous years garments became looser and larger than they were in the ages. In2019, that style is set to continue with oversized silhouettes dominating casual wear. To rock this look the perfect way, remember that it’s all about striking the correct balance.

As you don’t want to appear sloppy or as if you don’t know your size, it’s very important for you to ensure your oversized look is suitably smart. To do so, opt for authentic fabrics and sophisticated styles that have merely had their proportions blown up.

70s Style

Previous years saw the return of ’70s fashion for men, but 2019 will take it to a higher level.

So, you can expect to spot brown and yellow as well as flared pants, rollneck sweaters, denim, and suede fabrics on the streets in the forthcoming seasons. While it may not seem classic in theory, in reality, this retro trend is very classic. As such, it’s ideal for those who like a bold look.

Moreover, you can wear this trend more subtly by adding just one ’70s piece to an otherwise modern outfit.

10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look
10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look

10 Best Mens Trendy Clothing For Your Next Look

What is your favourite clothing style?

What to read next? I’ve got you!

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