11 Best Men’s Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!


Men’s fashion tips are always helpful because they help you level up your sense of fashion. If you are struggling with styling yourself don’t worry today I will be showing you how to apply these amazing 11 men’s fashion tips into your own wardrobe for great results!

11 Best Men’s Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!

11 Best Men's Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!

11 Mind-blowing Ways to Level up Your Style!

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11 Best Men’s Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!

Now when it comes to men’s style there are 11 men’s fashion tips that you will find handy in the long run!

 Men’s fashion tips#1 – Dressing well is a Skill!

11 Best Men's Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!
11 Best Men’s Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!

dressing well is a skill that can actually be learned just like cooking or learning how to dance!

Most personal stylists don’t just buy clothes for their clients, they teach men how to choose clothes that will enhance them so they can do it on their own. After all if dressing well wasn’t a skill that could be taught, many wouldn’t have a job

When you keep on practicing you will find out that you will get better and better. So the fact that you need to get dressed every day is a good thing to help you practice because you have an opportunity to practice and nurture the skill of dressing well on a daily basis.

Men’s fashion tips#2 – Always Quality Wins over Quantity!

Your wardrobe shouldn’t be oversaturated with items that don’t really fit you, you have difficulties matching them or simply don’t make you feel good. Although I need to get rid of some items myself you should always go for quality over quantity.

A good practice is to learn to build your wardrobe with items such as these:

  • Items that are necessary like Trousers, Jackets, and shoes with the right color and texture plus they should kind of match with your shirts selection.
  • Get a good core of blue and white dress shirts which is by no wonder the backbone of most sharp outfits!
  • Complete the list with some simple ties with a small repeating pattern of dark shades of blue, green or red (those colors work great for most trousers and shirts we mentioned)

If you get these items you have like 99% of clothes that you will need most of the time plus you will love wearing and combining these simple pieces every day.

 Men’s fashion tips#3 – Where did your self-confidence go?

11 Best Men's Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!
11 Best Men’s Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!

A big part of building a great style as a man is learning how to have self-confidence while upgrading your style.

Many times you may hear that you need self-confidence in other aspects of your life such of getting the courage to talk to a lady or asking for a raise at work self-confidence is an internal driving force for remembering who are you are and what you stand for.

The question is, how do you build that confidence?

A great way to start is by finding a good mentor (online or physically). Find a person who exudes confidence the moment he makes eye contact with anybody (a good type of confidence, not the arrogant one).

Men’s fashion tips#4 – All about your Valuing your Image and Style

This is something that I hear all the time and from what I see it’s true.

When it comes to first impressions and not only, your appearances do matter!

You can combine a good appearance with a great personality for a great start. So how do you nail your first impressions?

Knowing what’s acceptable within your society build your image and style around those. Want to influence others? Then dress in a way that will make others look up to you in that way.

You achieve that by wearing clean, well-fitted clothing for a start and you will see that by doing that you will encourage people to take you more seriously.

Men’s fashion tips#5 – No one wants worn out clothes!

11 Best Men's Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!
11 Best Men’s Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!

You should eliminate pants or clothes with similar styles from your closet right away.

A great way to upgrade your legwear is to stick to clean, well-fitted jeans that do the work. You can also get a couple of dark-colored slacks or chinos with a straight or slim fit to just add some variety.

Men’s fashion tips#6 – Shoes Shoes Shoes, Level Up!

They say you can judge a man by his shoes so if you’re still wearing running shoes all the time (even when you’re NOT running) you should explore other options.

Another thing that happens is that people see shoes as a way of measuring your net worth or guessing your career and social status.

11 Best Men's Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!
11 Best Men’s Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!

Spending good money on a pair of high-quality dress shoes is a great investment because it’s a classic type of footwear that works for nearly all occasions.

So what type of shoes should you go for? A pair of quality leather shoes is one of the best investments you can make.

Because they provide comfort and durability for many years (Don’t forget to do some light cleaning and the occasional shine from time to time).

These shoes represent how carefully you present yourself and attention to detail so pick them wisely.

Men’s fashion tips#7 – Caring for your clothing is key!

You should keep your clothes in great shape while being on a budget.

To do that you should be selective with buying things such as shoe trees for your shoes, wooden hangers for your suits, a good and reliable iron, and of course a detergent.

Also, get some information by learning how to iron your shirt properly, how to wash and dry certain fabrics or materials and lastly how to treat stains on your clothes safely.

Those bits of information will spare you from making mistakes that will cost you in the future.

Men’s fashion tips#8 – Get rid of some t-shirts & hoodies

11 Best Men's Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!
11 Best Men’s Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!

If you want to play it safe, you can donate the majority of your t-shirts and hoodies items to charity and save a small portion for home or gym use.

You should focus on having different well-fitted casual button-downs and long-sleeved sweaters.

You can also go for some sports shirts or polo shirts during those warmer days.

Men’s fashion tips#9 – Forget about some outdated fashion trends!

Do you know that mainstream fashion trends change too fast? Don’t let most of those items become staples of your style.

You can’t afford a complete wardrobe overhaul every single month so avoid items that aren’t in the all season fashion trend list (skinny ties and jeans are always in).

You should stick to timeless clothing pieces and classic colors, combinations, patterns and textures.

Men’s fashion tips#10 – Complete the look

11 Best Men's Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!
11 Best Men’s Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!

Out of the house, you should remember that fit is king which is your main thing to think of when you’re working on your look.

Remember, if it doesn’t fit do not buy it because It won’t work.

Men’s fashion tips#11 – A Well-fitted suit will go a long way

You’ll most likely wear a high-quality suit at some point in life no matter what your job is.

So when you’re going to buy one, make sure it’s a classic suit. Be careful when you’re picking the color of your suit.

You should avoid bright and fancy suits when going to a funeral or corporate event.

Make the right choice by the relevant occasion and don’t forget to match it with your shoe color.

11 Best Men's Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!
11 Best Men’s Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!

Some things you should consider are:

  • Notch lapels
  • The proper length of the jacket (a good rule to remember is that the back side shouldn’t completely cover your butt)
  • Clean, consistent stitching (open the vents and breast pocket and check this).

For adjustments, you’ll need to find a tailor independently despite the fact that some department stores still offer the service.

There you have it, 11 Best Men’s Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style!

What are some of your favourite men’s fashion tips that has helped you improve your sense of style?

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