20 Good Outfits For Guys In High School With Helpful Tips!
20 Good Outfits For Guys In High School With Helpful Tips!
August 12, 2019
How To Dress Nice For Guys That Wanna Impress!
How To Dress Nice For Guys That Wanna Impress!
August 15, 2019
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Mens Dressing Tips To Level Up Your Style Today!

Mens Dressing Tips To Level Up Your Style Today!

Mens Dressing Tips To Level Up Your Style Today!

here are some great mens dressing tips to help you spice up your sense of style today! What are some little things that you can do to upgrade your style?

Mens Dressing Tips To Level Up Your Style Today!

Mens Dressing Tips To Level Up Your Style Today!

Mens Dressing Tips To Level Up Your Style Today!

Dress with authentic style

In order for you to establish a commanding presence, it’s not enough for a wardrobe to fit the dimensions of your body!

If you don’t feel comfortable in something, don’t wear it. Your wardrobe should match your lifestyle.

With the right clothes, you should never feel self-conscious in what you are wearing.

When you get dressed in the morning, worry less about what others may think just focus on how the fit feels and if you are truly satisfied looking back into the mirror.

Don’t impulse buy

you’ll regret buying a piece of clothing if it isn’t just right so purchase new things that meet the requirements for exactly what you want.

If you have old clothes that you aren’t interested about wearing, donate them and learn to be smart about your cash, waiting for sales is also a smart way to go about it.

Avoid buying things if you don’t know what you’ll wear them with because we are going for quality over quantity.

Find the right fit

A pricey suit will look like nothing if it’s not properly tailored.

Now, when it comes to fit, invest your time in getting to know a good tailor. Ask for alterations and don’t settle for anything less than the right fit.

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Mind your Body Shape

Know that a man’s clothing should accentuate his body shape. The better your form, the better your clothes will look. However, if you’re overweight or a bigger man, you do have one advantage: Considerably less tailoring to slim your attire down. Measure twice, cut once.

Color and matching

Pair up color palates with your skin tone before investing in your attire.

The minimal approach will help you keep your wardrobe simple when first starting out. From there you can add new pieces to your collection over time. Always aim for no more than two non-neutral colors.

Too many patterns make for an outfit no one can understand.

Pick the right Dress shirts

Softness and simplicity are key when it comes to dressing shirts.

Aim for solid colors, blue and white is generally a man’s best bet.

If you’re looking to add a touch of character, subtle stripes or checks are acceptable.

You should also avoid drawing the wrong attention with over the top patterns, bold colors, theatrical collar shapes, and wild stitching.

How To Wear Chinos Like A Boss!

Pick the right Ties

Make it a habit to avoid wearing ties that are overly shiny unless they are suitable for evening formal wear. Like Solid satin gray, navy or purple.

Start with a light color tie in the morning. For the afternoon choose a dark color. Wear an even darker tie in the evening.

When shopping for the best ties, you should understand that handmade quality always triumphs ties stitched by machine.

For size, go for eight centimeters and remember to not go wider than nine centimeters and no skinner than seven for the best look.

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Pocket Squares Matters too

When it comes to pocket squares, don’t match exact colors. Avoid pairing a navy pocket square with a navy suit. Try and to add a distinctive contrast between the two.

In regards to ties and pocket squares, avoid matching these as well. You’ll make matters even worse if you match the fabric too, don’t do that.

Suits in mind

Need to slim down your silhouette? Button up your suit jacket; it will considerably take off some visual weight. Just remember not to button up more than one at a time.

What about Socks?

Don’t pair short ankle socks with your suit. Your brown shoes should be paired with navy socks, your black socks and brown shoes wont not mix.

Always wear dark socks with your shoes and save the white socks for running and jogging.

Never wear socks with shorts or sandals. When it comes to your workplace, office, or any other business situation always accompany your shoes with socks.

Most shoes aside from oxfords are appropriate for a sockless style.

Level up your Shoes game

Shoes with bold designs tend to call too much attention to themselves and spoil your attire. As do shoes with super pointy and square toes. Synthetic shoe laces can be shortened quite easily. Cut them, then use a lighter to burn the tips for sealed ends.

Invest some care in your shoes. This means resole your shoes, use shoe polish, and pay attention to the condition of your laces.

Don’t be intimidated to experiment when it comes to shoe polish. You’ll be surprised at how often darker shades can produce a deeper and more eye appealing finish than some matched color polishes. Some men even apply black polish to dark brown shoes. Others use navy polish for black shoes.

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For a no-break appearance, fold cuffs inward. For a tapered look, fold over the base of your pant legs, then roll them on upwards. You can add light texture and character to your pants by using beeswax.


Pass up on reversible belts, bonded leather belts, etc. Go with solid leather, look for genuine leather. The problem with bonded leather is that the glue breaks down over time, and the leather peels off.

Real leather belts will last you for years while bonded ones tend to come apart within a year or two since the quality is lower.

Mens Dressing Tips To Level Up Your Style Today!

Mens Dressing Tips To Level Up Your Style Today!

There you have it, Mens Dressing Tips To Level Up Your Style Today!

what’s your favorite mens dressing tips?

What to read next? I’ve got you!

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