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8 Excellent Mens Business Casual Fashion Tips!

8 Excellent Mens Business Casual Fashion Tips!

8 Excellent Mens Business Casual Fashion Tips!

Is your mens business casual fashion out of control? It doesn’t matter your sense of style, you should always know in advance how to put together a business casual outfit.

Whether you’re working or not learning how to dress business casual is a great way to level up your dress game and to also look put together.

8 Excellent Mens Business Casual Fashion Tips!

8 Excellent Mens Business Casual Fashion Tips!
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8 Excellent Mens Business Casual Fashion Tips!

These proven business casual style tips will help you get back on track and find key pieces worth investing in.


When it comes to fit, the first secret to looking smart is sizing correctly. Talking about your Shoulders, waist and arm length.

Buying clothing that fits you properly is a good rule to follow because nothing destroys an outfit like an ill-fitting jacket, shirt or trouser (no matter how expensive the dress code or clothes are!).


Once you get the right fit, you can start building up your wardrobe.

You should begin with pieces that are easy to mix and match, so you can get the biggest bang for your buck, interchanging jackets with pants and shirts with ties for a different look each day.

After you’ve built a solid closet full of staples, you can start getting more creative with texture, colour and pattern.


If you build your selection of essentials carefully, you’ll be able to achieve maximum levels of versatility with minimum levels of effort (which is crucial in the mornings and you haven’t even had your coffee yet).

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When it comes to the different seasons, there are three jackets you should consider. The first is a classic navy blazer, in a single breast design with peak or notch lapels.

In light wool, navy is less stuffy than black and is dark enough to flatter your physique, instantly smartening up any look.

For the cooler mornings, you can wear a grey tweed blazer in grey.  When the weather is too hot, beige pure cotton or linen-blend blazer will help keep you cool in the office.

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When it comes to shirts, you should get the fit right in the shoulders first, Then, move across.

You should be more business than casual, so only wear a shirt if the collar can stand up without you wearing a tie.

Also, your shoulders are broad, look for a slim-fit design or consider getting darts; two simple straight seams put in the back of the shirt to cinch in the billowy fabric.

In general, Oxford shirts are the tried and tested button-down, and come in many of colours, patterns.

Solids are obviously the easiest to match, so focus at first on standards like white, light blue and pale pink, move into brighter colours and patterns such as stripes, checks or gingham versions.


This is important because trousers are more important than ever.

You can try some Chinos as your go-to choice for semi-formal work wear.

Ofocurse you should stick with classic colours like navy and camel and don’t forget to opt for a fit that’s slim but not skinny.

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Menswear’s current obsession with cropped trousers should really be minimised (invest in one or two max). If you’re after timeless stick to regular length, as trends come and go.

When it comes to jeans, go for something more on the formal end of the denim spectrum such as mid-to-dark wash and absolutely no rips or heavy fading.

Your office jeans choice should also be slim but never skinny (also skip the shorts for work!).

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The dress shoe classics such as Loafers, Oxfords, Derbies, brogues and monk straps will all look dapper at the office and will compliment each piece mentioned above, making you look more put together.

If you’re not feeling too business, clean-cut sneaker should also do the trick if it’s work environment appropriate.

When it comes to quality, leather is always better. Color I would say sticking to black, brown, oxblood and tan when picking.

During summer you can experiment with colour and even suede.

The Optional Business Casual Extras
If you really want an outfit that says “I’m headed straight to the top, better start clearing out that corner office, ASAP,” you’re ready to throw these optional business casual extras into the mix:


The polo shirt is taking on the button-down shirt for effortless business style. Coming in cotton piqué or the retro knit variety, the collar can be worn buttoned to the neck, for a clean finish.

Don’t forget to leave the top three buttons open and sprawled naturally, combining a summer double-breasted jacket and light coloured chinos and why not also try some loafers to play off the going-to-work-could-be-holiday mood.

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You should avoid sweaters with crazy patterns or with a thick-gauge (talking about knits like cable knit).

Sweater is a great clothing item to give an otherwise boring work wardrobe a little pop of color so it doesn’t always look the same.

The right knit needs to slip under a jacket when needed, but be weighty enough to hold its own solo.

The best come in block colours, a slim fit and sit at belt line length, with a subtle ribbed hem and cuff. Cardigans are a great blazer replacement and fair better with a tie, always leaving the bottom two buttons undone.


For business casual, when it comes to accessories, we say less is more. Taking these essential office items, play around with colour and print combinations and adding in or taking out traditional suit appendages for a relaxed look, that’s supercharged.

Add a leather folio to your wristwatch-ed hand, and skip the tie because you are trying to stick to the idea of ‘casual’.

Learn from the Italians and know the rules then you can bend them a little.

8 Excellent Mens Business Casual Fashion Tips!

8 Excellent Mens Business Casual Fashion Tips!

There you have it, 8 Excellent Mens Business Casual Fashion Tips!

Share your favorite mens business casual fashion tip below!

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  1. When it comes to fashion for office, a formal look always come in our mind but some businesses also allow casual look in office as well. Your blogpost had covered all the main points that is beneficial for people who want to wear casual in their office.

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