How To Train Your Voice To Sing Like A Pro!


Learning how to train your voice to sing can be scary when you don’t have a clue of what you’re doing, but fear not, here are some pretty awesome tips to help you out!

How To Train Your Voice To Sing Like A Pro!

How To Train Your Voice To Sing Like A Pro!
How To Train Your Voice To Sing Like A Pro!

So what’s the best way to learn how to sing? Here are some of the tings we will be discussing on today’s post:

  1. Take care of your health my friend
  2. Warm up before singing for best results
  3. Sing at least 30 minutes a day to help your voice improve
  4. Record your voice to listen to yourself when you sing
  5. Sing songs you are comfortable with and not those that others want you to sing!
  6. Express emotions while singing to boost your results
  7. Sing quietly because it can also help you train your voice
  8. Use your body & breath while you sing

There are simple tips but can help you to become a better singer!

1. Take care of your health to improve your voice

Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. The membranes which produce the sound function best when hydrated.

Due to the amount of singing your throat might feel scratchy, then you wan to stay silent and let your voice rest.

Since we all get sick I want you to remember that when having a cold, try not to sing. Drink tea, eat cough candy and be quiet instead.

Quit smoking!!! That’s if you want your voice to be better. Hope you know that smoke damages your lungs and throat.

Did you know that there are also some foods that might affect your voice? Foods like spicy food, coffee, alcohol, milk products, and nuts. Try out if they harm your voice.

If they do try to eliminate them from your diet or reduce them!

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2. Warm up!

Are you having cracks in your voice when singing? I use to experience that often..

Does the throat hurt after singing? then that’s a sign you need to warm up (even more) next time.

Let’s not talk about those like me that doesn’t warm up sometimes!

Your vocal cords need a warm up, just like your body muscles before doing sports.

So, what is a vocal warm-up? It’s simply a set of exercises which prepare the voice and body for singing or speaking.

Here are some pretty basic vocal warm-ups to try:

It’s not difficult and many people have recorded tutorials showing warm-up exercises. So feel free to search for that term on YouTube!

3. Sing at least 30 minutes (a day)

By practicing you can improve your voice! Just like every other workout, you need to train your voice daily. If you practice singing daily it will help improve your voice.

Day by day, your voice will become better. If you can afford, try to sing for a couple of hours daily.

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4. Record your voice to listen to yourself

In order to know how you really sound when singing, you need to record yourself.

I like to use my smartphone or computer to record myself but if you don’t have any of these you can use a free song recorder online.

A good thing to practice is to sing a song you know well by that way you can concentrate on how to sing it instead of what to sing.

Once you have done your first trial next you have to listen to the recording you made.

At first, you probably won’t like it (that’s me all the time lol). That’s something that can help you identify your mistakes and improve yourself in the next recording.

Compare the way you’re singing to the original recording. What does your recording miss compared to the original singer’s recording and what are some things you can add to make yours even more unique?

Let me show you a little trick, grab behind your ears or close one ear to listen to your voice the way others hear it.

5. Sing songs you are comfortable with

Knowing your limits and singing songs that you are comfortable with will change your singing experience.

When exercising, choose something a little challenging but manageable. For performances and auditions, it’s even more important to stick to pieces you’ll manage.

It’s always best to choose songs that you’re comfortable with. That will turn things around for you.

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6. Express emotions while singing

When you’re singing a song you need to feel the lyrics and sing with your emotions. But many of us just sing the song for singing sake! Listen, you can hear the difference if somebody is singing from the heart or simply repeating the words and the melody.

So singing with emotions is a huge factor to improve your voice. Keep practicing that!

In case you don’t know how to express your emotions while singing, try those steps:

  • Choose songs you can relate to in order o express yourself.
  • Use your face to express your emotions while singing the song.
  • When your home sing in front of the mirror but when you’re singing in front of an audience look at them straight into the eye.
  • Since there are many ways to express yourself try to record multiple versions of yourself and choose the best.
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How To Train Your Voice To Sing Link A Pro!

7. Sing quietly

I know, I know, Singing quietly is probably the most challenging part of the singing process. 

The reason is that many beginner singers try to sing very loud to make up for wrong notes. This will damage your cords so try to avoid it.

Too loud singing sounds cranky instead of powerful.

Also, avoid screaming and don’t strain your voice. .

8. Better voice with body & breath improvement

Since the body is the most important instrument for a singer the best thing to do is to avoid tensions in your neck and shoulders.

Try to unlock your knees and control your breath.

I was doing it all wrong for years, Listen, It best to breath into your belly instead of your chest.

Don’t move your shoulders when breathing in, check this tutorial on how to breathe while singing:

There is the tendency to lift the chin at high notes so think down when you are singing high notes.

How? Resist the urge and also think of adding some weight to the notes to support your voice.

Keep your chin down to sound better. You can practice in front of a mirror and record yourself to hear a difference.

How To Train Your Voice To Sing Like A Pro!
How To Train Your Voice To Sing Like A Pro!

There you have it, How To Train Your Voice To Sing Like A Pro!

How do you train your voice to sing like a pro!?

What to read next? I’ve got you!

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