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How To Sell Beats On Soundcloud Like A Pro!

How To Sell Beats On Soundcloud Like A Pro!

How To Sell Beats On Soundcloud Like A Pro!

Learning how to sell beats on SoundCloud can be something that many music producers overlook but if you are starting these tips can help you get your beats out there and soon be getting some revenue from your hard word!

So, how to sell beats on SoundCloud? let’s have a look at some helpful ways you can promote the buying option through your SoundCloud music!

How To Sell Beats On Soundcloud Like A Pro!

How To Sell Beats On Soundcloud Like A Pro!

How To Sell Beats On Soundcloud Like A Pro!

Did you know that you can leave comments on certain areas of a song?


The comment section is a great place to promote your buy link but most producers don’t think twice about how this can be useful aside from artists just leaving feedback on a beat.

So go ahead and leave a comment on your own beat so while an artist is listening to one of your beats, he will see the comment box pop up on any area of the beat where there is a comment and yeah, see your comment as well!

Your comments on your own beats are visible to anyone listening to your beats so grab the opportunity to remind them where to buy the beat and to give them an actual link they can click on to buy.

Soundcloud’s Buy Now button Is not always that useful!

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So an example of a comment could be:
“Buy this beat for $9.99 here:

If you want them to be reminded where they purchase the beat and for how much you should post 3 comments throughout the beat.

One, in the beginning, one in the middle and one in the end. So every 45 seconds or so!

Since you can place any kind of link, you can get creative. If you want to build your mailing list then you can use this strategy to do so.

You can leave a comment like:
“Download 2 FREE beats here:”

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Being ready to sell your beats when people are ready to buy is a crucial component in making money online.

Although they say you can’t sell your beats easily through Soundcloud, there really is an easy way anyone can easily sell their music directly from their Soundcloud catalog.

I am gonna refer to the “Buy” link button.

Basically, when you upload your beat on Soundcloud under the Metadata tab you have the option to insert a “Buy” link into your song.

The link will show up with “Buy” as the default text. With the upgraded accounts, you can also edit the display text as well and all accounts allow you to insert a link to your sales page.

Knowing this can help you make more sales, and avoid the risk of losing sales due to an unequipped Soundcloud page.

Now let’s get into some few helpful marketing tips for music producers on how to promote and how to promote their beats on SoundCloud.

Why should you promote beats on SoundCloud?

I think you should have a profile and some of your beats on the site as well as claim your music producer name on all social sites while you use SoundCloud to promote your website.

If you do a search on SoundCloud for “Nas Kobby Studios” you will find my music as well as different music producers with thousands of followers. Those are potential customers.

How to Promote & Sell Beats on SoundCloud


Don’t forget to Include Your Website and Social Profile Links

Promote your websites to get more traffic by adding your website address to the description and also you can leave a comment with the link of your website and give your listeners a reason to visit it.

Upload a Quality Artwork/thumbnail

Upload quality thumbnails for all your beats. Good thumbnails will help to get more plays. I love using Canva to help me create easy and quick quality artwork for my soundcloud thumbnails (If you don’t really like using Canva you can also checkout Design Wizard. They have over 20,000 professionally designed templates (10,000 free) and over 1.2 million images in their library. )

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Always Tag Your Beats

You should protect your music from being stolen by adding tags because there are sites online that make it easy to save MP3s from SoundCloud.

Include Direct Buy Links

Another thing you could do is to include direct links to buy a beat in the description of the beat you upload.

Many music producers just include a link to their website which is a quick option, you should make it easy for the listener to buy a beat by providing a direct link.

So don’t forget that when adding beats to SoundCloud add the buy link and link to the beat in the description.

Add Hashtags to Your Beats to be discovered!

By adding hashtags to your beats, your tracks will get grouped with other related beats, which will help it to get discovered by new people and gain new followers and likes.

Create a Music Business to see your beats!

Create a professional website to sell beats, products, and music. Offer music services to your customers in order to make them interested to buy from you!

Few Reasons Your Beats Are Not Selling

Over the last few years, there’s been a rapid increase in music producers entering the online beat market. Unfortunately, most new producers often underestimate the level of work/grind that it takes to be successful in this market.

There are a lot of reasons why your beats may not be selling, but let’s check a few of them:

Build trust!

One thing that I know is that people buy from people that they trust.

Selling something online is a lot different from selling something in a store or in person.

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People like trustworthy people.

11 Free Music Samples Websites For Some Great Music!

If you’re genuinely a trustworthy person and you create personal content to help display that, then you’ll gain their trust and be in a position to showcase your beats.

The KEY to longevity in business is genuinely being a trustworthy, honest, and respectable person.

So take your time and build trust before you even think of selling online!

2. Your Beats and Website Are Not Up to Par

Most times, honestly it’s the music that causes a lack of sales.

Everything starts with the music. Don’t let your ego hold you back.

You need a way to accurately gauge how good your beats are. Family and friends love you and they may not be honest with you.

Ask several awesome producers and music professionals for critique if possible.

Don’t Give Away Too Many Free Beats

I’m not talking about giving away free beats in some type of discount package (Buy x Get x FREE).

I mean actually giving away 100% free beats WITHOUT any purchase.

Artists will not place as much value in your beats or in your brand if everything is free.

Give them just enough to get a taste of how great your product is. Then, they’ll want to support you. Balance is key!

Learn How to Market Your Beats!

You have to stand out!

Standing out requires unique branding and marketing knowledge.

Once you have a unique producer/production company name, website, logo, and graphics, THEN you must create unique marketing materials!

You have to think outside of the box.!


There you have it, How To Sell Beats On Soundcloud Like A Pro!

Have you sold any beats on SoundCloud?

What to read next? I’ve got you!

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See ya, Cosby!

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