How To Refresh Your Wardrobe For Spring (For Men!)

How To Refresh Your Wardrobe For Spring (For Men!)

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Do you need to know how to refresh your wardrobe for spring as a man? Well, today we are learning how to get that done!

How To Refresh Your Wardrobe For Spring (For Men!)

How To Refresh Your Wardrobe For Spring (For Men!)
How To Refresh Your Wardrobe For Spring (For Men!)

A common question I get from clients is if they can wear their fall clothes when it starts getting warmer.

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“Sure,” I tell them. “You can also drink a hot toddy when it’s 75 degrees out, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”

I understand. I love my topcoats and cashmere sweaters too! But it’s great to consider all the Spring style you can wear now after months of bundling up!

Colors! Unlined jackets! Camp collar shirts! No more beanies!

The great thing is if you’ve followed my guide to build your Fall wardrobe, transitioning your wardrobe to Spring is easier than you think!

The Essential Wardrobe Pyramid: The Secret To Building The Perfect Wardrobe

No matter what season, I use The Essential Wardrobe Pyramid to build my clients a perfectly balanced wardrobe.

It looks something like this:

The Foundation (The Base) Also called The Minimalist Wardrobe. The foundation wardrobe centers around timeless, essential pieces in core (neutral) colors. Core colors are navy, black, white, grey, olive, and camel. Think of this like the perfect crust, sauce, and cheese pizza where you can lay toppings on.

The Seasonal Wardrobe (Center) After my clients build their Foundation Wardrobe, we add some seasonal items in seasonal colors. For Spring, that means lighter fabrics and lighter and brighter colors. Think of these like buying ingredients for your pizza whose peak season is Spring.

Finally, we have the top of the wardrobe pyramid: The Trends. It’s only until my clients’ wardrobes have The Foundation and Seasonal parts of the wardrobes do we add trendy items.

Remember when restaurants added bacon to everything? It was ok if one or two dishes had it, but when you start putting bacon on everything, it feels gimmicky. Trends can be fun to try out, we just don’t want to overdo it.

The pyramid is a great way to make sure your wardrobe is balanced. 

If you find that you’re having to continually replace items in your closet because “it’s out of style,” it might mean you need to add some foundation pieces.

If you feel like your outfits look a little plain and boring, it’s a good sign that you can add some seasonal and trendy pieces.

Trust Your Basic T-Shirts

The majority of us will often feel we need a collar, long sleeves or generally anything smarter than a t-shirt when getting dressed in the morning. Then we put on a shirt, and end up thinking we don’t look cool enough, especially for casual occasions.

Aside from a suit, men generally look their best when wearing a simple jeans and t-shirt combination. Classic, masculine and slightly rebellious, this go-to pairing has stood the test of time and been sported by everyone from James Dean and Marlon Brando to David Beckham and Alex Turner.

With this in mind, take your basic white or grey (black/navy also work) t-shirt, combine it with dark wash jeans and wear it to social occasions, on show. Make sure it fits you perfectly – sleeves should finish mid bicep, while the body should be cut slim through the torso and end a couple of inches below the waist – and you cannot go wrong.

To give the look a contemporary twist, try a pair of white jeans or layer it under a piece of outerwear – whether it’s a rugged leather biker, sharp mac or military pea coat – with nothing else.

 Lighten Up The Colors

The easiest spring tweak you can make is lightening up core colors.

If a dark, fall navy is a 5, turn back the dial to a 3 or 4.

This is my favorite color hack to brighten up my wardrobe for Spring without resorting to easter yellows and greens. If you’re not a huge color guy like me, this is the perfect place to start.

Add Seasonal Spring Color

Once you’ve added a few light core colored pieces, feel free to add some seasonal spring colors like purple and pink!

Add Some Spring Trends

Did you know sailors wore stripes to help them be more visible in the waters if they went overboard? Along with the possibility that it might save your life, stripes are my style trend of choice this Spring. If floral prints were too bold for you in the past, go for stripes.

The Classic Sweatshirt

Your new best friend. We don’t mean the oversized one you lounge around in at the weekend, but that well-fitted grey crew neck one, preferably with that ribbed triangle detail just under the collar.

Got it? It looks great worn with nothing underneath, paired with jeans, chinos or trousers. Think of it as a replacement for your casual shirt.

However, because it’s a rather warm piece, save this tip for autumn and make sure you don’t try it with a fleeced version, which will quickly become uncomfortable against your skin.

Adopt A Blazer Over Virtually Anything

And we mean everything: jeans and a t-shirt, chinos and a shirt, shorts and a polo. It really doesn’t matter if you’re wearing trainers, your tee has seen better days or all your mates will be in hoodies.

That navy blazer you keep saving for special occasions will make a great new staple. Even when you think the occasion doesn’t call for a tailored jacket, it will instantly take your look up a notch in an effortless way. So long as your legwear is cut slim and fits you perfectly, you can’t really go wrong.

Give it a go when you hit the pub this Friday and let us know how it went.

How To Refresh Your Wardrobe For Spring (For Men!)
How To Refresh Your Wardrobe For Spring (For Men!)

There you have it, How To Refresh Your Wardrobe For Spring (For Men!)

How do you refresh your style?

What to read next? I’ve got you!

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