How To Promote Your Music On YouTube For Free!


Learning How To Promote Your Music On Youtube is one of the best things you could do for yourself! Why?

Because it’s completely free and affordable by anyone.

Okay, you need to have the proper knowledge to help you reach the right people!

How To Promote Your Music On YouTube For Free!

How To Promote Your Music On YouTube For Free!
How To Promote Your Music On YouTube For Free!

So today I’m gonna show you How To Promote Your Music On Youtube for free and some pretty good practices that you can incorporate into your YouTube promotion strategy.

If you want to know how to start a YouTube channel this link here will be helpful (you’re welcome!)

You’re ready? Let’s get things rolling!

How To Promote Your Music On Youtube by Looking Professional!

When someone lands on your YouTube channel you want them to have the best impression of you.

Your channel plays a big role in this. Why upload a shady, old and unflattering photo of you while you can take a few moments to take a more professional photo that will reflect your music?

If taking photos is not your thing then read: 4 secrets: How to take professional photos with your smartphone.

Make sure you create some decent graphics for your YouTube Channel art and thumbnails.

You can hire someone to create them or actually use canva to make some amazing ones.

In order to have everything organized don’t forget to use playlist in your channels to make it easier for everyone to navigate.

Lastly, add your Social media links like your website into your channel details.

Let me break a few of them for you…

Utilize Playlists

You have to know that when it comes to learning how to promote your music on YouTube, Playlists are your best friend!

Keeping your channel organized will help your viewers and potential customers find you better that other musicians on youtube.

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The Power of Uploading Consistently

When you’re uploading videos, be consistent.

Period. Easily said than done, right?!

When you are consistent your followers will know exactly when to expect your next music video and you will engage with you more.

I’ve noticed that when I don’t post often then it gets hard to keep up with the rhythm on YouTube.

Network With Other YouTubers

Network with YouTubers. You can network by leaving comments on their channel or videos.

Honest and true comments, don’t copy paste the same comment everywhere!

You can also send them a direct message on YouTube (you just go to their page and then send them a message).

Use YouTube SEO

Did you know that by utilizing YouTube’s SEO, you can increase your views and improve your chances of getting new fans?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.

It’s basically using phrases and words that people search for.

Working on creating SEO friendly videos can help you promote your videos without even trying much (okay, uploading and adding all the right details as well as research should take some time but it’s worth it!)

SEO can help you with making songs in general. You don’t want to create a song and name it the same thing as something that’s more popular than you. That’s going to make it harder for fans to find your music.

So, create music with unique titles in order to have less competition (Although if it’s a cover then you should have the right title in there!)

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Here are a few things to help you take advantage of SEO on YouTube:

  • Have a good title with your keyword on it.
  • Create a description that better describes what the video is about and wisely use relative keywords in there as well.
  • Fill your tags with searchable keywords to make your videos get in front of more people

If you want to learn more about YouTube SEO check this link here.

Did you add your tags?

Don’t forget that title and tags really go hand in hand, but I thought it was important to address these separately.

Your Video Description matters too!

Use the description of each video to promote your most popular music videos, how?

You can Link to your social media channels, your website, your online store, your album on iTunes, and anything else that’s relevant.

Remember, the key is to establish some kind of connection with your viewers in order to get them to see more of your music on other social channels beside YouTube

Trends are there for your advantage!

Don’t forget to take advantage of trends that match your style, music, and what you stand for because you can get a nice boost of views and grow your fan base just off of one trendy video.

Use Your Analytics

Your analytics will show you who’s viewing your video, where they’re viewing it from, how long they’re watching, the demographics, and more.

You can use that to figure out which songs or videos of yours are most demanded, and then try to make more content similar to that.

By that way, you are giving your audience what they like and promoting your music more.

Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate

It’s not always that simple to collaborate but when you get the change surely do it!

Working with other creators gives your\ the ability to expose yourself to different audiences, but also the ability to leverage them in your promotion of the video.

How To Promote Your Music On YouTube For Free!
How To Promote Your Music On YouTube For Free!

Spice up the Music Video Editing and be yourself!

Not that taking one-sided video is boring, but just for a change try to make every 5-10 seconds some sort of change to the scenery to give them a reason to keep watching!

Make bring your personality live through your videos and let your followers connect with yo through your music!


It’s a wrap guys,

How do you promote your music online? Let’s talk below!
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