How To Make Money From Music Production

How To Make Money From Music Production

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Learning How To Make Money From Music Production can be fun and important at the same time.

If you’re making music and you’re not taking advantage of these sources then my friend, you are missing out!

How To Make Money From Music Production

Let me take you into the art of learning How To Make Money From Music Production because funny or not you could be making money from just making your music, uploading and chilling.

(Okay, It requires work but the end result is worth it)!

How To Make Money From Music Production

So, How To Make Money From Music Production?

There are different strategies you can apply that will help you make money from music production, here are few of them:

  • Youtube
  • Build a home recording studio
  • Teaching
  • Networking
  • Selling beats
  • Offer Mixing and production services
  • Selling Beats

But you’re not limited to those few strategies because remember that you can do more than one!

The more options you try, the more opportunities you will come across. It only requires you to produce quality tracks fast, then why not ghost producing or sell beats on the side?

Let’s start with one of my favorite and free ways to learn how to make money from music production:


Since YouTube is the second most visited website in the world (Facebook is the first) it would be wise if you upload your beats to YouTube.

Why? to gain ‘subscribers’. Smart, right?

Once you have a good amount of subscribers and views, you can start monetizing your videos and YouTube will pay you once a week for it.

Next, another smart move you can take using YouTube is set up a Patreon account where your regular viewers can support you.

Don’t forget to network with other channels and your commenters to create genuine, new connections for work purposes.

Create promotional content for your sample packs and use videos as a way to demo their usage.

I love how YouTube allows you to connect with viewers and bring your work out to the world.

How To Make Money From Music Production
How To Make Money From Music Production

Build a Home Recording Studio!

Actually, besides YouTube, This is how most music producers start.

Set up a recording studio in our house and start producing for friends.

If you gain skills and experience you can start charging them then go out and network and find more clients to work one-on-one with you.

One of the issues with home studios is that your clients won’t have that pro studio experience but it’s not impossible, if you can turn your home studio into a pro lookalike studio then your home studio will thrive.

Offer Mixing And Production Services

How do you know if you have the skill to offer these services?

A good way to analyze your skill is to compare your tracks to the ones of the artists you look up to. If they’re up to par or sound even better, that’s a good indication that your mixing and mastering skills are on point.

In that case, you should make it clear that you are open to offering such services.

A nice approach is by starting a website to promote your mixing and production services.

Don’t forget, as a producer your focus should always be to produce high-quality music.

Other services you could offer:

  • Mixing Engineers
  • Vocalists
  • Mastering
  • Voice over recordings
  • Singers

Offer these services to people in need of them and create profit by doing so but if you’re not skilled in those areas you can always get a music partner that has the skill.

How To Make Money From Music Production
How To Make Money From Music Production

Working For Clients Virtually 

Another awesome way to make money from music production is by making custom music for clients all over the world.

At any given time clients can reach you for music production requests.

There is a lot of work out there on the web. How do you get it?

As I always say. It’s about building an incredible online brand that speaks to the audience that you’re trying to reach.

You aren’t trying to reach everyone, but just the right audience.

Selling Beats

If you’re constantly making music tracks, then why not try selling some of your beats to vocalists?

There’s a huge market for beats within different communities.

Even if you’re not a full-time music producer, but you produce quality music, you can adapt to making beats and can add your own unique touch.

Depending on how serious you are in developing your artist’s image towards this kind of service, there are different options you can adopt.

The first thing you could do is to sell your beats on established websites for beat selling.

Some of the most used websites are:

another option is to reach out to a sample pack company to see if they’re interested in your pack.

Here are some companies that take submissions for sample packs:

You can also sell it yourself.  Keep in mind that this will take a lot more promotional effort from you.

How To Make Money From Music Production
How To Make Money From Music Production

Networking with Up and Coming Artists

Networking and collaborating with some of these up and comers can be a goldmine if you meet the right people.

The big thing to consider with this one is whether you’re happy to take a cash sum up front or if you could make more long-term by being a credited music producer and collecting royalties.

Try to find out about local concerts and networking events and get out there.


If you live in a well-populated area, then doing one-to-one lessons is a great way to start.

Teaching is not only a great way to make money as a music producer but it comes with a fantastic sense of fulfillment.

If you get a good amount of students then you will get some profit from your teaching sessions.

How do you make Money From Music Production?

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