11 Free Music Samples Websites For Some Great Music!


What are some free music samples websites that offer free and amazing music samples for your next music hit?

11 Free Music Samples Websites For Some Great Music!

11 Free Music Samples Websites For Some Great Music!
11 Free Music Samples Websites For Some Great Music!

In our time and age with hundreds of samples available across the web it’s pretty hard to find the best ones for your mix, right? so here is a compilation of a collection of the best places to get samples – let me not forget ro mention that they’re all free!


SampleSwap is packed with free, high-quality sounds, all well categorized and organized for years and year since this website first appeared online like 10 years ago and counting.

You will find any type of samples from loops and breaks, full kits, multi-sampled instruments to even acapella vocals, ambiance, and noises, and the cool part is you can even find whole pieces of royalty-free music.

So how do they do it? This website is supported by donations, and most of the users are the ones that upload these free samples that are ready for download. Due to that reason, it’s not guaranteed that all the samples have free rights but it does mention that most of the samples are royalty-free.

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Converse Rubber Tracks

This website partnered with Indaba Music on Rubber Tracks in order to offer over 40,000 high-quality samples, hits, and loops just for you to download and use for your next mix, cool, right?

Actually, this website is a collection of recording studios around the world that offers upcoming artists a totally free recording session with their studio engineers.

But what happened is, last year they launched the Rubber Track sample library, which is a huge collection of free samples from their sessions.

They are all royalty-free and updated regularly with each recording session.


Their sample packs were created mostly by a combination of artists and LANDR users.

You can filter the packs by Genre, Vibe and Artist, as well as individual sounds can be filtered by type, genre, key, BPM etc.

How did it actually started?

They started Landr as an online mastering platform but it has reached the point of it becoming a 360-degree service for producers,  sample-hunting, and collaborations.

A great deal with this website is that it’s free for everyone that need these types of music samples but it still needs you to sign up for a free account.

According to them, they have stated that in the future they will accepting users to submit their samples!

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Sample Radar

Sample Radar has more than 60,000 samples since they are constantly adding new packs and sounds.

This website has an awesomely great collection of packs. Sample Most of their packs are sorted by types, such as acoustic guitar samples, drum and bass samples, reggae guitar, deep dub, and the list goes on and one.

Sample Radar’s library of royalty-free, high-quality samples will sure have almost any type of sound or sample you’re looking for.


Looperman is a community-driven website that has a great number of samples that have been created and uploaded by it’s users over the years and they can be used for free by everyone.

There is a search functionality that can help you search for your desired sample since they have a great variety of sounds ( 67,000 plus uploaded samples so far!).

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With soundPacks you can never go wrong, they offer free sample packs with a selection of samples such as drums, vocals and more.

They also offer presets, furnishing users of Absynth, Massive, Serum, Sytrus and more with fresh fodder for their favourite synths. SoundPacks is regularly updated with new samples.

Since it’s a free sample site, there are issues with their servers not being as reliable as they can be but with lots of patience you can get some pretty decent sounds and loops!

BBC 1Xtra Sample Bank

This site doesn’t get updated as all the above mentioned but BBC offers a range of wav sample music for free.

Their collection of over 1,000 samples can be categorized into genre and type.

Their music samples range from Drums, Bass, FX to a collection of Instruments, pads, and others.

Each sample is high quality and sounds great but they don’t really offer new sounds anymore, have a look!


If you are looking for a good source for high-quality samples with enough range then check this website.

They also offer paid sample packs but also showcase lots of “freebie” packs as well.

You can find samples from one shot to drum, to even bass clips, ambient noise or club grooves.


SampleFocus is a searchable database of samples that are well-categorized for browsing, with tags, collections, categories and more guiding any search of the content. This is a modern curated collection, so efforts have been made to tag it from the start.

Currently free while in its Beta stage of operation (a fee may be introduced later), this website uses credits for sample ‘purchases’.

Their users earn 10 credits every Monday, and every upload that’s approved by the website nets you a further four credits.

Watch out, though: SampleFocus’s download credits system incentivizes people to upload as many samples as possible in order to download some of their own.

Function Loops


11 Free Music Samples Websites For Some Great Music!
11 Free Music Samples Websites For Some Great Music!

Function Loops offer free packs along side a huge collection of paid music samples. although they don’t really have the largest free collection but their packs are loaded with quality samples from awesome vocals to psytrance loops.

Know that their packs are aimed primarily at EDM producers, showing which styles each pack is best for in the description, but that doesn’t mean with a little creativity you can’t use these awesome sounds. Just get creative with it!


11 Free Music Samples Websites For Some Great Music!

11 Free Music Samples Websites For Some Great Music!This website is a collaborative database of public-domain sound effects and real-world sources, which shows a new and interesting way of accessing music samples.

They offer a very good search and tags system, and each sound’s waveform is displayed alongside its entry in the search results.

By that way, you will get some insight into the sound you are about to download.

What you need to know is that they have a different type of qualities when it comes to their sounds. Also, the copyright status of the sounds cannot be guaranteed so be careful as you use them.


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