7 Useful Methods On Electronic Music Production Tips Sound Engineers Should Know


I’ve been making music for a long time now. I wouldn’t state that I’m a specialist maker using any and all means, yet there are 7 things that I’ve learned en route that I wish somebody had revealed to me when I previously began that would’ve saved me a ton of time and exertion, Electronic Music Production Tips

7 Useful Methods On Electronic Music Production Tips Sound Engineers Should Know


7 Useful Methods On Electronic Music Production Tips Sound Engineers Should Know
7 Useful Methods On Electronic Music Production Tips Sound Engineers Should Know
1. Start with your kick drum at about – 10dB

In electronic music, the most intense thing in your blend is regularly going to be your kick drum. By setting your kick drum at – 10dB your not going to run into the issue that most novices face – cutting on your lord channel. Most beginners will leave their kick at 0dB and afterward they’ll run out of headroom in their blend. Try not to stress in the event that it sounds delicate in any case, on the grounds that with the utilization of a limiter, you can bring the volume of your tune-up

to business tumult at a later stage.

2. Put everything into Busses

Transports used to terrify me, however, they’re quite simple to utilize and assist you with getting sorted out everything significantly better. I regularly have 5 principle means of transport – Kick, bass, percussion and synths, and vocals. Lets state I have 5 vocal tracks, rather than EQing and packing each track I send them all through one transport and I have a solitary EQ and blower to control every one of them. With regards to packing percussion for example catches, hi-hats and so forth they generally stable better when you pack them all together (restricted to separately) for reasons unknown.

In this specific blend, the kick drum was sounding somewhat boisterous (see right). The kick was 3 layered kick drums, so as opposed to tinkering with the volumes of each kick drum, I could simply drop the volume of the transport by the fitting sum.

3. Tune the kick and percussion to the key of the melody

I as of late found that in Logic’s Ultrabeat module, you can tune the drums to some random key. At the point when your drums are in the key of the melody, you will hear a MASSIVE contrast in the sound of the tune, in light of the fact that the music work much better when everything is in order.

On the off chance that you take a gander at the correct hand side, there’s a pitch slider that permits you to pitch the find or down into some random key. Recall you can tune everything, including your Hihats. On the off chance that you don’t utilize Logic, most other drumming modules will give you the alternative of tuning your drums.

4. Sidechain everything to a quieted kick drum

Individuals frequently reveal to me that my tunes are extremely fun and have incredible cadence. That fun feel comes from side binding my percussion, bass, and synths to a quieted kick. Side fastening additionally helps in making the kick drum come through pleasant and emphatically. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what side tying is there are a lot of YouTube instructional exercises that will tell you the best way to do it. What’s likewise normal is side fastened repetitive sound you generally hear in electronic music, and I use it a considerable amount in my dancy tracks.

At the point when I start a melody, I make a track (quieted) that has a 4 on the floor kick drum on it that runs all through the track. I at that point side-chain my bass, roost, and synths and repetitive sound through a blower. Attempt and ensure you use truly a punchy kick to guarantee the ideal impact of the side chain. Set a high proportion and a low limit, in any case the side chain will be insufficient. The rationale has a kick test called ‘Tight Kick’ that I typically use as my quieted kick.

5. Maybe Cut over lift in EQ at every possible opportunity

Once in a while I’d get disappointed in light of the fact that I wouldn’t have the option to hear my kick drum coming through appropriately, so I’d support the low finish of the EQ until I could hear it, however, then my lord channel would begin to clasp and everything would begin to sound sloppy. I found that all I needed to do was cut a few frequencies in the bass line which would permit the kick to come through. With training, you’ll start to comprehend what should be cut where. Kiff

For this situation, my synths were covering the vocals. I should have simply cut a portion of the frequencies and unexpectedly the vocals turned out to be exceptionally clear. This is a greatly improved arrangement than attempting and lift the vocals.

6. Layers

I never used to comprehend why different melodies sounded so fat, and mine was so slight. That is on the grounds that proficient creations have numerous layers. Some of the time I utilize around 100 tracks on my creations! For instance, I once in a while layer my kick drums with a delicate hihat, just to give it more presence. Or on the other hand, I’ll layer an applaud with a catch drum. For my synths, I frequently reorder a synth line to another track and afterward pitch it up an octave, and possibly change the tone of the synth a piece to give it more variety – with a touch of EQ and level change you will get a lot greater synth sounds. These are exceptionally fundamental models, yet you can begin to try yourself with layering various sounds together.

7. Work on making music – a ton

Nobody awakens and is unexpectedly acceptable at making music. Like a fine wine, it’s an expertise that develops and turns out to be better over the long run. Yet, you need to continue rehearsing. I contemplated sound designing at Cape Audio College which stood me in excellent stead, yet by the day’s end, the information I picked up would be futile except if I really explored different avenues regarding various impacts and modules.

I likewise believe that toward the day’s end, the melody should be acceptable before you even think about the creative side. There’s an expression that ‘you can’t clean a bit of poop’ – if your melody sucks, no amount of creativity will make it a decent tune. The absolute highest tunes I ever constructed were the ones I made in standard 8 and I had no clue about the thing I was doing from a creative side.


7 Useful Methods On Electronic Music Production Tips Sound Engineers Should Know
7 Useful Methods On Electronic Music Production Tips Sound Engineers Should Know

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