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August 20, 2018
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August 23, 2018
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Best Music-making Apps For Android You Need To Try!

Best Music-making Apps For Android You Need To Try!

Have you ever wondered what could be the best music-making apps for Android out there?

Well, If you own an android phone you’re more than likely to be checking these awesome apps that can help you make music-making a new experience and all straight from your phone!

So, Join me let’s have a look at some awesome apps that can help you make music beats on the go!

Best Music-making Apps For Android You Need To Try!

Best Music-making Apps For Android You Need To Try!


This app is available for Android, ChromeOS, Windows, and MacOS phones.

It’s a simple yet versatile digital audio workstation (also known as DAW) as well as a loop building platform.

It has unlimited audio and virtual instrument tracks, effects and loops all easy to work with the timeline or the loop builder which is a step sequencer and drum machine then you go ahead and mix it all down to get a great music beat!

Stagelight works great on any touchscreen hardware for windows with a beautiful workflow and layout that is well thought out.

That means it will be really easy for you to get your way through it and start using it today!

It comes with a bunch of drum kits, samples, loops and patterns to get the beats flowing.

You can also play an onscreen keyboard which can lock to a key and scale in case you play a wrong note!

Cool, right?!

Visit their website: OpenLabs.com | Download from the PlayStore : OpenLabs Stagelight


Next in ourbest music-making apps for Android list is FL Studio Mobile!

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It comes from the makers of FL Studio. If you don’t know who they are, they are a hugely popular desktop DAW with all the usual complex music-making trimmings.

Although the mobile version doesn’t have all the clever stuff the desktop version offers it still works great in order to make it one of the best music-making apps for Android.

The downside to this app is that it’s paid ($15.99) with no free version.

Multi-track audio and MIDI recording are all right there for you in the mobile version. with a number of virtual instruments including synths and sampled sounds.

Let’s talk about the mixer, the mixer inserts offer 16 effects covering all the usual suspects like modulation, delay, reverb, compression, filter, and distortion.

There are so many things you can do! Like, sequence in a piano roll, drop in samples, drop in patterns and so much more.

The Drum Sampler is fully integrated with the step sequencer making it so easy to generate beats.

Note that you can be an extra charge for some in-app purchases for loops and additional sounds.

I think it’s worth being in the best music-making apps for Android list!

Visit their official website: image-line.com | Download it from the PlayStore: FL Studio Mobile


This app is full of synthesizers and samplers you can sequence and mix together however way you wish.

You can create a rack of virtual instruments taken from any of the 14 devices that are offered to you.

There are subtractive synths, bassline synths, sample-based synths, pad synths, modular synths, 8-bit, FM and physical modeling synths.

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There are drum machines and organs, vocoders and more.

There’s a piano roll style sequencer for creating patterns and then a song mode where you can lay patterns out along a timeline across all your instrument tracks.

So many options from a tiny app, no wonder it had to be in this best music-making apps for Android list! give it a try!

Check their website out: singlecellsoftware.com | Download it from the PlayStore: Caustic 3


This app looks quite professional, especially if you are using it on the Hi-Res tablet screen.

It offers multi-track audio recording and MIDI sequencing and lots of non-destructive editing in the timeline with cross-fading.

You can find a drum pattern editor, sampling, and looping.

The mixer supports a good number of channels and unlimited groups and looks like a proper DAW mixer console.

 Link to Website: extreamsd.com | Link to PlayStore: Audio Evolution Mobile


The G-Stomper Studio has a huge virtual analog synthesizer built-in along with a drum machine, sampler and a whole load of music making tools.

This app is a polyphonic synthesizer drawing on sounds from virtual analog modeling, 4-operator FM synthesis, and multi-sample PCM.

There are 2 oscillators that offer saw, pulse, triangle, sine, noise, dual sine and then PCM waveform options.

The modulation section goes into differential FM, Filter Frequency and Resonance, Distortion, Ring and all sorts. That’s a whole lot of synthesizer.

Check their official page: planet-h.com | Get it from the PlayStore: G-Stomper Studio


If you’re looking for the best music-making apps for Android take a moment and look into the above apps, trying is the best way to find which one will work great for your music taste.

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Best Music-making Apps For Android You Need To Try!

Enjoy the process and always desire to improve and develop your music making skills to the best level possible!

What’re your favorite best music-making apps for Android?

What to read next? I’ve got you!


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