Best Beat Making Apps For iPhone You Cant Miss!

Best Beat Making App For Iphone You Cant Miss!

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If you’re an iPhone lover like me, finding the best beat making app for iphone is one of your quests!

Dread no more! Today we are talking all about some of the best beat making app for iphone users.

Making beats on the go will never be the same again! Let’s get into some of these awesome apps and why you should give them a try!

Best Beat Making Apps For iPhone You Cant Miss!

Best Beat Making Apps For iPhone You Cant Miss!

Making music beats is a beautiful thing with great results but let’s face it, It has it’s ups and downs.

You have to be in front of a pc working hours on a beat.

Wait, now you have a smartphone! Oh, Happy day!

Let’s get into some cool apps that can help you make music making a lot more fun and easy while you’re using just your smartphone, and in this case, your iPhone!

Voice recorders

One important music making app you surely will need is a voice recorder, happily, your phone comes with one pre-installed.

This will ensure that you’re ready to hit record anytime and anywhere you feel inspired for your next great hit.

A bit tip is to try to stay away from background noise and hopefully you’ll have storage capabilities before you even hit record.

Trust me, it’s not cool to have to end your recording session just because of lack of space.

VoiceRecorder & Audio Editor

VoiceRecorder & Audio Editor

VoiceRecorder & Audio Editor for iOS is a second option for the default voice recording memo app that comes with your iPhone.

If you use to be a cassette lover, you will find the interface pretty amazing since it’s in a form of a tape.

You also have the option to export your creations in other formats and not just mp4 which is pretty decent.

Take note that your recording might take up space so be prepared with lots of storage space on your phone.

You won’t be so fascinated with the social sharing feature but as an app, it will work great on your iPhone.

If you’re a beginner to advanced musician and producer you should definitely check this app out.

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder

If you find all those previous apps I mentioned above pretty complicated I am coming with a pretty simple one, for real!

Easy Voice Recorder for Android will be your new best friend. Why?

It can record in high-quality PCM and mp4 audio files for less space consumption.

Simple interface plus you can use those tunes as your next ringing tone.

One downside is that it comes with ads since it’s free so if you really like it you should invest your 4$ and get the ad-free version 🙂

Digital Audio Workstations

Now that we’ve shared few great sound recording apps let’s get into the Digital Audio Workstations apps right from your iPhone!

Here are some of the best beat making app for iphone that can help you turn your music into reality.



GarageBand for iOS, one of the best beat making app for iphone!

If you haven’t heard of it before, GarageBand has been one of the easiest way to record multiple tracks (of vocals or any instrument) on any device.

If you haven’t yet I recommend you try the desktop version as well.

To get started, simply press the “+” button, choose the type of song or instrument you’d like to record, and you’re off.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous you can import locally-stored files directly into the app, then edit them, add filters, or just change them in any other way.

Don’t be turned off by the interface since it requires a lot of swiping here and there between workspace and recording screens, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be making masterpieces in no time.

Beats and bloops

Okay so let’s see how to create some beats and bloops!

With these apps, you can create your own music easily without touching an instrument!



Beatwave for iOS is a really creative way to make unique beats on the go.

All you need to do is open the app, choose the sounds you like, start making the pattern and provided grids.

There is the layering of multiple tracks option and adding different effects to each piece that makes this app so awesome.

The free version of the app comes with 20 different virtual instruments

For additional instruments, you can download more than 200 from the Beatwave store.



Figure for iOS and Windows works great and if you’re a beginner you will love how simply you can adjust the circular modules (a cheeky reference to the Circle of Fifths) to create truly mesmerizing beats.

Tuning your new music into any key and adjust the tempo to any BPM is a powerful feature as well.

But on the other hand, there are some bugs that need to be addressed before this app can function as it supposes to so be aware of that.


This app has a clean professional look to it, you can render your projects to audio and export them to a number of different places like Soundcloud, Google Drive etc.

You can also add automation to your sounds and add swing to your music.

With the option to purchase extra sound packs, this app makes it easy to keep using the default sounds which are still really high quality

Auxy Main

The sequencer is really easy to use with drum choice going from left to right and the play direction running from top to bottom, pretty simple, right?!

If you want to change the length of the sequence from 1-bar to 8-bars it’s possible.

With a wide variety of synth sounds like phat bass sounds, cutting leads and washed out reverby pads.

There are automation clips below each midi clip: volume, tone, delay, reverb, shape, low and highpass filters, ducker, pan and pitch.

If you venture into the settings you have the choice of changing the session tempo, key and scale within that key as well as a couple of other options which makes this app even more impressive.There you have it, the best beat making app for iphone users!


Picking the best beat making app for iphone is a tricky one but I believe if you invest in the time to try few of them you will finally come down to the best choice for your music taste.

What to read next? I’ve got you!


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